Why do intensive courses work so well?

Learning to drive taking only 1 or 2 hours of tuition a week will never be enough practice time for most learners to make real progress. On average students learning by hourly tuition will take between 6  to 14 months to achieve the driving test standard. Preparing for your Driving Test

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Will an intensive course be right for me?

For most people the answer is yes. At the end of your first day because you will be taking in a lot of information , you will be tired, but as each day unfolds you will find that you will feel more lively and everything becomes easier. Remember that intensive courses are proven to be the fastest way for learners of all ages when learning to drive and are now common place in the UK. Police drivers, the Armed Forces, LGV drivers, Bus drivers and even Driving Examiners will have been trained in this way.

Which intensive course should I take?

Learning with an intensive driving course means that your training will be over days not months.
Everything you learn will stay fresh in your mind encouraging a new confidence in your driving to grow and because the driving test is taken with your course it is possible for you to learn to drive and pass the practical UK driving test, in 10 days or less.
It’s no wonder more learners are turning to intensive driving courses when learning to drive than ever before.
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Types of courses

Not all students will need the same course. Some will have already taken a number of lessons with a driving instructor or practiced driving with a family member, so a standard has already been achieved. Others will be at the very start of their learning and should look to take a longer course.

How will you be trained?

At Mark Lane CDI, courses are taken on a 1 student to 1 instructor basis.
Course hours are the actual hours you will be driving on your course NOT hours shared between 2 or 3 students that is common with many drivingschools for their courses.

How to choose your course?

Everyone is an individual and should take the course to suit their own needs, MarkLane CDI is able to give general advice in choosing of the course to suit you. And therefore will make an honest assessment against the details given. The course that best describes your driving will give your current standard of driving and course size.

How to make a booking?

To secure a Mark Lane CDI course, a deposit of £150.00 must be paid in advance, All courses include a Monday to Friday standard driving test but without any accommodation costs, click here for Residential Courses With courses being booked up rapidly throughout the Year and many advanced bookings have already been purchased it is recommended that you Contact us and check availability. Call if you need a particular course week.

Students taking Mark Lane CDI intensive driving courses come from all over the UK, many decide to stay and look to book accommodation. Accommodation cost is NOT INCLUDED within the course cost

If you decide to include accommodation with your course there are 2 available types to suit budget and requirements. Both are of high standards. You will be collected daily from your accommodation by your instructor when on your course

Special Rates for Mark lane CDI Students Details with links to websites where available are given below. You can book your stay directly or we would be happy to arrange on your behalf. If you need a further selection please call:

Plume and Feathers link
Rolling Waves B&B in Newquay website
Cheaper alternatives in Newquay can be arranged i.e. Surfing Lodges

Testimonial – Philip London

“Intensive Courses proved to be the answer to my prayers. I had to get a driving license before my pregnant wife went into labour and had left myself just a month to do so. As a thirty-two-year-old with very little experience and a well-developed fear of driving I wasn’t hopeful but the attention to detail, genuine care and quality teaching I received from Mark ensured that I passed first time within a few weeks of my first lesson. I really cannot recommend this company highly enough.”

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