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Fleet/Occupational Driver Assessments

Information on our Fleet and Occupational Driver Assessments:
Looking to improve your drivers’ attitudes to risk – and reduce the costs associated with operating your own company fleet? Ensuring conformance with current Health and Safety legislation? Click here
This highly effective course designed for all occupational drivers focuses on helping drivers to develop the attitudes, behaviours and technical skills which can be employed to reduce road risk while driving on company business.

Benefits to your organisation:

Enhances hazard recognition and risk assessment skills

Encourages the development of stress-reducing strategies

Promotes greater safety for drivers and other road users

Helps reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear

Builds greater awareness of health and safety issues

Ensures conformance with existing health and safety legislation

Changing drivers’ perceptions of risk and increasing personal awareness of road safety issues
Focussing on driver attitudes and behaviours, while working to enhance individual participant’s driving skills, our Fleet Occupational Driver training course aims to significantly reduce risk – to your drivers, company vehicles, and third-party road users – and reduce the costs of unnecessary insurance claims, and the excessive wear and tear caused by inappropriate driving.

What does the course cover?
The course begins with an interactive presentation, appropriately entitled ‘Focus on Risk’.
Practical training begins with driving licence, eyesight and vehicle checks. In order to identify individual training needs, participants undertake a short assessment drive, enabling their trainer to tailor a personal lesson plan with specific training objectives.
Participants are then taken for a demonstration drive, featuring an ‘instructional commentary’ explaining how their trainer creates time and space to manage potential hazards, effectively.

We also coach participants in the development of key driving skills, including low speed manoeuvring and fuel-efficient driving.
What are the ‘deliverables’ for participants and their managers?
At the end of the course, participants receive constructive feedback on their performance, advice on how they can continue to develop their driving skills, and a Certificate of Attendance.

To enable fleet operators to manage their company’s occupational road risk, the whole process is documented in the form of a risk-rated driving report. Most delegates fall into the categories of ‘Low Risk’ or ‘Average Risk’.
Where a driver is identified as ‘High Risk’, the company will be notified immediately, and appropriate training recommendations will be offered .
Whose vehicle – and where does training take place?
Conducted in the participant’s own vehicle or allocated company car or van – training is delivered by a fully qualified IAM Fleet advanced driver trainer.

Minimising business disruption and reducing your employees’ travelling time, training can usually be held at any location.
Please note: course participants must hold a valid licence and the vehicle in which training is to take place must be legally roadworthy and fully insured.

Occupational Driver – Course Content

How to be sure you are legal

How to plan the best route

Understanding hazards and driver behaviour: reading the road

Driver awareness: concentration, observation, anticipation, and the creation of space & time

Driving ‘defensively’

Vehicle maintenance and preparation

Forward and reverse manoeuvring

UK traffic law, the Highway Code and licence requirements

While this training course is designed specifically for occupational drivers, the skills and strategies learned, should also prove invaluable to participants driving their own vehicles outside of work.

This full-day course provides an excellent introduction for drivers wishing to take any of the Advanced driving tests on offer ie IAM Advanced Driving Test or ROSPA, and therefore achieveing an internationally recognised qualification .

Latest course completed for Gregorys Distribution Assessors course 4 days long for two in house company trainers .Well done to Billy Simpson and Andy Coaker Gaining IAM firsts.

IMG_0550IMG_0544   In house trainers can now Assess there own company drivers to a high level of skill Including delivery of CPC.