Frequently Asked Questions

What documents will I need?

In order to commence driving lessons, you must be in possession of a valid provisional driving licence. If you do not possess one of these it can be obtained from the DVLA either online or post . (Application form D1). The current fee is £50-00.

When you take your Theory Test you will need to produce both parts of your provisional driving licence ( photocard and paper counterpart ) If you have an old style driving licence you will also need to provide a valid passport.
When you take your Practical test you will need both parts of your provisional licence or if you possess an old style licence you will need this, a valid passport, your theory pass certificate and your letter of appointment to the test.

Q:How long does the Driving Test take?
A:The driving test will normally last approx 40 Minutes

Q:How many hours of tuition will it take to pass my Driving Test?
A:There is not a definate answer to this question. The DSA produce statistics indicating the average is 45 hours of profesional instruction along with 22 hours of private practice. However with a very high pass rate for the last two years and a good structured approach, i can give you a good idea after the first five lessons of how long it will take.