Advanced Driving

How long ago did you take your driving test?
Do you consider yourself to be a safe and cautious driver?
On today’s ever busy roads there has never been more of a need to consider an advanced driving course?

If you think about it, in what other job would you qualify at 17 years old and not have any further training for 53 years: answer zero.

More and more people are realizing this now. Not only will you have the satisfaction of passing an advanced test but several insurance companies offer discounts asyou are classed as less of a risk. After an initial assessment we will work together to improve your general driving up to advanced standard. The amount of training required will depend on your previous driving experience.

1. So whether you are looking to better your general driving skills to a high standard consider taking one of the advanced driving tests, offered by ROSPAIAM, and Institute of advanced motorists or the DIA. Of which I am a member of each bringing you up to the required driving standard to take a Taxi test. A company looking to train employees in defensive driving techniques. To ensure that the new health and safety laws are adhered to.

2. Eco driving.  A few changes to your driving style and technique can Help you save well over hundreds of pounds a year in fuel costs and by reducing the wear and tear on your car (reducing ever more expensive servicing costs).

These are just a few examples, of why you might consider partaking in an advanced driving course, helping you prepare for some of the tests, improving your general driving and bringing you up to date with current driving techniques.